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Access control systems are a vital component of any company’s comprehensive security strategy.

JPT Security protects facilities across industries:
Information Security
Manufacturing & Industrial
Research Labs
Municipal Infrastructure
Food Processing
Shipping & Logistics
Financial & Banking
Medical Facilities

Access Control Benefits

JPT Security offers access control systems that enhance facility security by managing entry & exit points and restricting unauthorized access. Access control provides:

Swipe & Biometric Security

Secure access control systems protect corporate assets, facilities, and personnel from unauthorized access and potential security breaches. Our systems provide a robust layer of protection, ensuring that only authorized individuals can enter designated areas using swipe, fob, or biometric technologies.

Efficient Management of Entry & Exit Points

Whether it's a single point of entry or a network of access points, access systems allow for seamless control and monitoring, ensuring efficient flow of authorized personnel while minimizing the risk of unauthorized entry. Our access control solutions streamline the management of entry and exit points, even in the most complex environments.

Restriction of Unauthorized Access

Configure your access control system to only grant access to authorized individuals during designated times, ensuring that sensitive areas remain secure and unauthorized personnel are kept out. With our access control systems, clients have the ability to enforce strict access policies tailored to their specific needs.

Reliability & Scalability

Superior access control systems must be designed to handle the demands of high-traffic areas and easily scale to accommodate future growth and changes in security requirements. Our solutions prioritize the use of robust and reliable access control technologies, ensuring that our systems function optimally in any environment.

Monitoring & Reporting

Our access control systems provide comprehensive monitoring and reporting capabilities providing proactive threat mitigation and thorough incident investigations. We can track and record access events, generate detailed activity reports, and provide real-time alerts for security breaches or suspicious activities.

Why Choose
JPT Security

High value neighborhoods in the Bay Area are increasingly targeted by criminals. JPT Security works with gated and non-gated communities to protect against these common threats:
Customization Options. We customize each client’s access control system to match the needs of their unique security needs and preferences.

Whether it’s integrating with existing security infrastructure, implementing multi-factor authentication, or incorporating biometric technologies, we’ll customize your system to satisfy your security requirements.
Experience. At JPT Security, we have a proven track record of successfully implementing and managing access control systems for a wide range of clients.

Our expertise, combined with our commitment to reliability, scalability, and customization makes us the trusted choice for organizations seeking robust and effective access control solutions

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