Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

What is the advantage of hiring private protection vs. relying on the local police?

Local police forces are tasking with protecting large areas and equally large populations. For individuals seeking true 24/7 protection, private protection is the only solution. While the police are responsible for protecting the community at large, JPT Security is only responsible for protecting you.

What is the difference between an executive protection agent, security guard and/or a bodyguard?

Executive protection agents are highly trained security professionals specializing in providing personalized protective services to high-profile individuals, executives, and families. They are trained to handle a wide range of potential threats and situations and provide customized protection based on your specific needs and concerns. They also have a more extensive resume of training, including some basic lifesaving medical, AED and CPR training. Security guards and bodyguards generally do not share these same skills and capabilities.

What are the most common threats facing today’s executives?

As crime increases, executives, board members, and other key employees are at increasing risk of these threats: physical attacks against their person, kidnapping and ransom of employees or family members, corporate espionage, and demonstrators or other individuals who hold grudges against the company.

Our Services

Are your guards armed or unarmed?

We offer both armed and unarmed protection depending on your individual threat protection requirements.

Are your guards uniformed?

We offer both uniformed and non-uniformed agents depending on the need. For example, our corporate executive protection services use non-uniformed agents so that they blend in. Our event protection crowd and access control services will take advantage of uniformed agents.

Do you provide mobile security patrols?

Yes. We provide regular patrols in the communities that we guard. Mobile patrols help prevent crime as well as identify suspicious activity requiring immediate attention.

Where do you provide security protection services?

We provide client protection in the San Francisco Bay Area region including Silicon Valley, San Jose, San Francisco, Monterey, Santa Cruz, Oakland, and Sacramento, California.

What type of facilities do you provide corporate security protection for?

JPT Security is able to provide protection for all types of facilities including corporate offices, manufacturing plants, medical centers, agricultural and food production, technology and server centers, storage facilities, and more.

Cost of Services

Are your services tax deductible?

In some cases, security services can be tax deductible.

An IRS-132 Assessment is a third-party review of any fringe benefits that corporations and their executives receive that are designated for the safety of employees, partners, and directors. Special treatment is granted by the IRS for threat assessments, office and suite security, estate protection, ground and air transportation, insurance, and ongoing threat management.

Ask your tax attorney to conduct an IRS-132 Assessment to help optimize corporate expenditure and comply with tax and other regulatory guidance.

What do your protection services cost?

All of our client engagements are customized to their specific needs. Once we complete your threat assessment, we will collaborate with you to determine the right protection services to fit your needs, your lifestyle, and your budget.

What do your access control security systems cost?

The cost of access control systems is dependent on the number of access points, number of personnel, and complexity of the authorization areas. Once we complete your security assessment, we will work with you on a program that provides the security you need, within your budget.

Our Agents

Do your agents undergo background checks first?

All of our agents undergo rigorous background checks and screening processes to ensure that they meet our high standards.

How can I trust the agents that are protecting me and/or my family/business?

Trust is at the core of what we do and we take security and safety very seriously. Besides rigorous background checks of all our agents, we have strict security protocols and use technology to monitor and track our agents’ movements and actions, ensuring that they adhere to our standards at all times.

What kind of training do your agents complete?

All of our agents are trained on firearms handling, active shooter response, hand-to-hand combat, threat suppression, proximity awareness, negotiation, and medical first aid.

What kind of experience do your protection agents have?

Our agents come from a variety of backgrounds in the security industry including law enforcement, military, DOJ, corrections, and elite protective security. We choose our agents based on their experience, their demonstrated skills, and their alignment without core values of helping to keep people safe.

Our Technology

Do you install video surveillance cameras?

Yes. We assess your location’s vulnerabilities and recommend a solution that will monitor your property and assets so that you feel safe but not intruded upon. We will install your cameras and can monitor the ones you designate through our 24/7 SOC.

Is video camera footage stored anywhere?

Yes. We store all video camera footage for at least 90 days in a secure hosting facility. This allows you, or JPT Security, to review past footage if needed.

Do you provide home alarm system monitoring?

Yes. Our SOC monitors our clients’ fire and burglar alarm systems, 24/7, so that we can contact you and respond to incidents quickly. In the event local law enforcement or other first responders are required, JPT Security’s SOC team will communicate directly with them for dispatching.

Do you provide live video surveillance monitoring?

Yes, we can monitor any of your video cameras that you designate, live, through our 24/7 SOC. Our active remote monitoring uses advanced cameras to detect threats and on-premises agents are dispatched providing immediate response.

My home security system already gives me camera options and will dispatch the police if something happens. Why do I need JPT Security to monitor my residence?

While traditional home security systems provide basic surveillance and response services, they still rely heavily on the local police to respond, which are experiencing lengthening response times. Our executive and private protection services offer a more personalized and comprehensive security solution. We’ll assess your needs and provide tailored protection to mitigate potential risks and keep you and your family safe. In a world filled with strangers coming to your door all the time, such as delivery services and Amazon drivers, break-ins and robberies are at an all-time high. Now, more than ever, it’s important to keep loved ones safe — especially at home, where they are supposed to feel safe, and where they sleep at night.

Private Protection

Can you tell me more about your surveillance services?

JPT Security employ proactive surveillance techniques to monitor high-end properties and their surroundings. This may include video surveillance monitoring, security patrols, and utilizing advanced analytics to detect suspicious activities or patterns. By identifying potential threats in real-time, we can take immediate action to prevent crimes or mitigate their impact.

How do you make sure that you are providing our family with the right level of protection?

JPT Security creates customized security plans based on the specific needs of high-end property owners. These plans may include the implementation of advanced security technologies, such as intrusion detection systems, video surveillance, and access control systems. JPT Security also focuses on integrating these systems with alarm monitoring and rapid response capabilities to ensure immediate attention in case of an incident.

Why should our family choose JPT Security for our protection services?

Our expertise in identifying vulnerabilities, implementing tailored security solutions, and deterring criminals helps protect high-end property owners from potential threats. By mitigating risks associated with home burglaries, kidnappings, and other targeted crimes, JPT Security provides a robust security framework to ensure the safety and peace of mind of high-end property owners and their families.

What makes JPT Security agents better than agents from other security services?

JPT Security deploys highly trained and experienced security personnel to provide a visible deterrent and enhance the overall security of high-end properties. These professionals are skilled in threat assessment, situational awareness, and conflict resolution. They are equipped to handle various security scenarios, including responding to alarms, conducting security patrols, and managing access control points.

What takes place during the vulnerability assessment?

JPT Security conducts thorough vulnerability assessments of high-end properties to identify potential weaknesses and areas of concern. This includes assessing physical security measures, such as access points, perimeter fencing, lighting, and surveillance systems, as well as evaluating operational protocols and personal routines. By understanding these vulnerabilities, JPT Security can develop targeted security solutions.

Community Protection

How do you protect residential communities from burglaries and other threats?

Our approach to protecting communities includes access control for gated communities, regular patrols for gated and non-gated communities, the presence of armed and unarmed agents who are trained to identify and subdue threats, monitoring by our SOC who support our on-premises guards, first aid care for medical emergencies, and coordinated communication with local law enforcement when required. Our protection services extend to individual homeowners who choose to take advantage of our residential security packages, vendor and contractor escorts, vacation home monitoring, exterior entry security checks, and nighttime dog walking or jogging escort detail.

What are some of the biggest threats to communities today?

High value communities, both gated and non-gated, are experiencing increased crime in recent years. Common criminal behavior includes mailbox theft and follow-home burglaries. Victims are targeted based on their type of vehicle, where they shop, and what clothing they are wearing. Criminals are targeting high value neighborhoods due to the wealth of their residents.

Transportation Services

Do you provide chauffeured transportation or vehicle escort services?

We provide both chauffeured transportation and vehicle escorts. Our chauffeur services offer comfortable transportation in our fleet of BMWs, including armored vehicles. Our vehicle escort services will tail your personal vehicle while diligently watching out for and subduing potential threats so that you safely can get from point A to point B.

What type of vehicles are in your fleet?

Our fleet of vehicles consists of late model BMW SUVs and sedans. Each vehicle has been selected for its safety features, maneuverability, comfort, and elegance. Depending on your needs, we will recommend just the right vehicle for each occasion.

Are your chauffeured vehicles armored?

Among our fleet of security vehicles includes armored passenger vehicles as an option.


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