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Jon Wang

Founder & CEO
Jon founded JPT Security after seeking a way to protect his family and children from a world he felt was becoming increasingly dangerous. Identifying gaps in the services offered by other executive protection firms, he developed JPT Security to provide the flexibility in services that elite clients need.

A career spanning multiple industries including food and sporting goods, Jon has led multiple businesses exceeding $100+ million in lifetime revenue.

A health and fitness enthusiast, Jon also enjoys learning new things in his spare time.

Tony Ramirez

Founder & CSO
As Co-Founder and Chief Security Officer of JPT Security, Tony’s focus is on bringing the company’s goal of disrupting the Executive Protection industry to fruition.

Tony has worked in law enforcement and executive protection for more than twenty-two years, often leading teams of more than 100 people. As a Certified Tactical Lifesaver, his expertise in handling emergency situations gives him the ability to back up his beliefs.

In his spare time, Tony enjoys hitting the gym to keep up his physical fitness. He is also an animal lover, with six dogs waiting at home for him every day.

Dakota Dominguez

Director, Executive Security Operations
Meet Dakota Dominguez, Director of Executive Security Operations at JPT Security. Dakota is a seasoned executive protection specialist with a stellar track record of safeguarding assets valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars, providing unparalleled personal protection for ultra-high net worth individuals. He’s worked in 78 countries where he’s honed his craft managing security operations. He has worked at some of the world’s most exclusive events and environments, including high-threat situations. His adept leadership spans from meticulous planning of security details to the disciplined, nimble execution of those security plans, all in pursuit of delivering the highest level of safety and security to those he is entrusted to protect.

A.J. Agamao (AJ)

Director of Training
Meet AJ Agamao, Director at JPT Group in charge of Training. With over two decades of experience as a Correctional Sergeant in the California Department of Corrections, AJ’s journey began at Soledad State Prison, leading him to excel at Salinas Valley State Prison, a maximum-security facility notorious for its volatility. Eager for growth, he embraced every training opportunity, specializing in weapons and tactics. AJ’s expertise made him a distinguished instructor in lethal and non-lethal force, earning him a spot on the elite Special Emergency Response Team (SERT). His exceptional skills now drive the security excellence at JPT Group.

Alan Tucker

Director of Guard Force Operations
Meet Alan Tucker, Director at JPT Group in charge of Guard Force Operations, with a distinguished 30-year record in law enforcement. He played a pivotal role in establishing the first Tri-County SWAT team training program and spent 12 years instructing at the esteemed MOUNT Facility. As the Commander of SERT, he led a diverse range of agencies, including County and local Police, Sheriffs, FBI, Military Police, and Marines. Alan’s expertise extends to evaluating Emergency Operations Programs statewide in California, adhering to National Incident Management Systems (NIMS). His remarkable achievements include an award for collaboration with law enforcement in Humboldt County and combating drug smuggling along the Mexico border. Recipient of the prestigious Peace Officer of the Year honors during his illustrious career.

Ray Martin

Ray Martin is a highly skilled business development specialist, possessing extensive knowledge in technology development, product development, management, and manufacturing. With a proven track record of successfully ramping products from prototype to high-volume, he excels in technology and manufacturing industries.

Martin Olney

Martin is a seasoned business strategist with an investment banking background. He possesses a deep understanding of disruptive technology adoption, differentiators, GTM strategies, change management, and the approach required for innovation within established markets. His expertise makes him well-equipped to navigate the behavioral complexities of any business landscape.

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Jon Wang

Founder & CEO

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