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Elite Protection
for Your Community

Is your neighborhood experiencing unusual levels of crime? High-value homes and neighborhoods are intentionally targeted, and gated communities are no longer immune. Protecting high-value communities requires more than just a person at the main gate and infrequent patrols.

Our exclusive community protection offers:

Community Coverage

Flexible coverage options to meet your community's needs

Neighborhood Sweeps

Regular vehicle patrols monitor for threats or unusual behavior

Community Surveillance

Remote camera monitoring via our 24/7 Security Operations Center

Threat Response

Rapid threat identification and response by your community protection team

Access Control

Ensure authorized community entry for maximum neighborhood security

Parking Enforcement

Monitoring and removal of illegally parked vehicles and trespassers

Additional Services for
Property Owners

Property Sweeps
Remote Home Monitoring
Vacation Monitoring
Neighborhood Escorts
Vendor Escorts
Event Protection
Personal Safety

Protecting Neighborhoods
from New and Rising Crime Trends

High value neighborhoods in the Bay Area are increasingly targeted by criminals. JPT Security works with gated and non-gated communities to protect against these common threats:
Follow-home burglaries. Thieves identify their targets based on external identifiers, such as clothing, jewelry, or the vehicle they drive. After picking a target, they tail them home and strike.
Mailbox theft. Incredibly difficult to detect, perpetrators attempt to steal private mail, banking information, or new credit cards, resulting in costly identity theft.
Contractor access. Using their perceived trustworthiness, contractors or other previously approved-for-entry workers gain access to neighborhoods they have marked and utilize that good faith for their own gain.

Why Choose
JPT Security

While the police focus on the community at large, JPT Security’s community protection focuses on you.
Your personal security force. Feel a greater sense of safety knowing our agents are dedicated to your community and can provide near-instant response times.
Preemptive technology. Our 24/7 video surveillance technology identifies, responds, and alerts our team to potential threats, tracking and recording dangerous situations.
Amazing response times. Our on-site agents identify and respond to most threats before you’re even aware of them.
First aid services. Our agents are trained to provide first-contact medical assistance when the situation calls for it.
Customized solutions. Inquire about our private protection and other personalized safety solutions for homeowners.

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Security Assessment

Contact us today for a threat assessment and see how JPT Security can help protect your business, your employees, your community, or your family.

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