Vigilant Protection for Those You Love

Private Protection


Close Protection
for Individuals and Families

High-net-worth individuals and their families are increasingly targeted for burglary, carjacking, and kidnapping. Our private protection details, residential security teams, and 24/7 surveillance centers provide proactive threat prevention to keep what matters most to you safe.

Work Commute

Secure transportation to and from your destination

Family Protection

Private protection during your daily routine

Student Protection

School safety, from starting bell to home drop-off


Around-the-clock home security and surveillance

Travel Protection

Enjoy your vacation free from the worries of potential danger

Event Protection

Stress-free protection so you can relax at any time

Access your own Personal
Life Protection Team

After analyzing your threat profile, vulnerabilities, and public footprint, we’ll implement a full-scale strategy to minimize your risk exposure through a comprehensive private protection plan.
Choose from standard and premium services molded to your lifestyle including:
Public coverage. Your dedicated Life Protection team is equipped to provide both overt and covert coverage any time you are away from home, when threat exposure is at its highest.
Chauffeured transportation.  Chauffeured, stress-free transit to your destination in our luxury fleet.
Tailing. Our covert agents will follow you to your destination, identifying and responding to risks en route.
Rapid response. Our command center responds to emergencies and threats quickly, ensuring your safety.
Threat monitoring. Our proactive threat monitoring provides real-time updates on potential danger.

Why Choose
JPT Security

Picture your own personal protection team. That’s what you're getting through JPT Security.
You are our priority. Our sole focus is on keeping you and your loved ones safe as discreetly as possible.
Our agents are the best. Our agents are highly skilled, complete thorough background checks, and operate on a strict moral code.
Personalized approach. We blend the latest in security technology, threat mitigation techniques, and field expertise to protect you and your family from harm.

Request a Confidential
Security Assessment

Contact us today for a threat assessment and see how JPT Security can help protect your business, your employees, your community, or your family.

JPT Security

Elite protection in the San Francisco Bay Area for executives, businesses, individuals, families, and communities.


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